How To Wear Graphic Tees As An Adult

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Graphic Tee Styled With Blazer

Graphic tees are one of those pieces from your adolescence that can be brought into adulthood if done the right way. 

For clarification, I’m not talking about the tees you find in the juniors department with the puns, albeit funny, those need to stay gone. We’re talking band/concert tees and the occasional ~cutesy~ tee. (Like this dog mom one I have

Perhaps my favorite way to style one of these guys is with a midi skirt, especially with a french tuck or tied in a knot at the waist. Bonus points for pairing things with some slip on sneakers- this is a very ~chic~ put together look that you can take from work to a night out. 

How To Wear Graphic Tees When You're An Adult
Feminist Graphic Tee And Leopard Skirt
WEARING | tee: martie | skirt: shein | sneakers: target (similar here) | necklace: f21 (similar here)

Another great way to wear a tee is by pairing a blazer over it. This works especially well if nice graphic tees are in your work dress code. Dark denim or a midi skirt (she comes out to play again) look sharp with this look and is a grownup way to wear your tee shirts. 

Both of these ways of styling graphic tees take the juvenile look away and replacing it with a more adult version. You can find ways to make it your own depending on your personal style, but you get the gist. 

How do you wear your tees? 

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