My Hair Color Journey

Monday, January 7, 2019

My Hair Color Journey

I started experimenting with hair color back in high school, although then it was just a a few highlights here & there. (& there was that one time I did a pink streak a la Aria Montgomery) Things really kicked off once I got to college (if ever a time for experimenting) when I decided to go for a dark situation.

My natural hair is some shade of dishwater blonde with a hint of strawberry thrown in, & for the longest time I liked it, & then I didn’t. Cue the changes. I’m not sure what sparked my decision on brunette tresses, other than the that I think it looks otherworldly on pretty much every brunette ever. 

So, we went from a deep brown to more of an auburn for a bit, finally settling on a reddish blonde from good old Loreal, & then back to straight brown- espresso to be exact.

I proudly proclaimed I'd never go blonde again. & then, somewhere in the middle of it all last year, I decided to try and go back to my natural color so that I could indeed, dye it a different shade of blonde, maybe trying to finally answer the question after all these years:

Do blondes have more fun?

My Hair Color Journey To Dark Golden Blonde
Dark Golden Blonde Hair

That's still yet to be answered, but I do feel more a bit more ~myself~ with lighter tresses, despite still questioning if I should go dark again, even consulting IG stories. I find it fascinating how a simple change in hair pigmentation can alter how we see ourselves.

While brunette Kae was feisty & a bit lost, blonde Kae knows who she is (most of the time) & somehow feels lighter.

Maybe I was meant to be a blonde after all.

**The exact box I use at the moment is Loreal Feria in Dark Golden Blonde.

If you want me to do a post on the products I use to keep the color, let me know!


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