How To Wear Denim On Denim Without Looking Like Britney & Justin

Monday, January 28, 2019

How To Wear Denim On Denim

Before we go any further, we should just give a quick moment of silence for Brit & JT. Ah, the golden era. 

Okay, so, it was the golden era in every way except the famous (or maybe infamous) denim on denim AMAs look. Complete with the cowboy hat to really set the mood, that moment was when the double denim look went DOA. For years since, it's been considered a faux pas, only whispered about in loathing. 

But in recent years it's decided to make a bit of a comeback, slowly making its way back onto the runway & back into our hearts. I think it's a look that people are intimidated by, because of its less than flattering history, but when done right, it can be pulled off beautifully. 


Mix Your Washes
When you have two denim pieces that are the same wash, you're going to look like denim threw up on you. It's not flattering, but finding different washes- like a lighter skirt paired with a darker top- gives a little bit of contrast. Even similar washes will work, as long as there's that little difference. 

Speaking of contrast,

+ Break Things Up With A Neutral Colored Top 
When you wear a denim jacket or button down paired with a plain top, it breaks up the denim & is tricks the eye into thinking it's a whole new look, as evidenced in the photos above. 

+ Go Light On Accessories 
Double denim is loud, & the first rule in wearing anything bold is keeping everything else light. You don't want a mile long choker going on, but instead a delicate necklace or pair of earrings, OR just let the denim to the talking & save the accessories for next time. 

Let these tips & the collage be your guide into the denim on denim situation. If you're into it, it doesn't have to be scary! 

LET'S CHAT: Are you a fan of the trend? Have you tried it? 


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