How The Apple Watch Made Me Work Out

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How The Apple Watch Made Me Work Out More

First, I should probably start out this post by saying it's #notspon (although if you're reading this, Apple...) 

After many weeks of researching, I finally broke down & got an Apple Watch towards the end of the year. (I think it was November, but time has no meaning to me anymore) 

Although I was hyped about taking calls & texts through the watch (we’re all basically Kim Possible now) I was mostly looking for a way to track my workouts and steps & set goals for myself. Since the most ~running~ I do is walking stevez, & I nearly always have my phone nearby, I opted not to get the cellular & so far I haven't had any issues. 

Since I didn't need anything fancy, I decided on the series 3. They no longer carry it in the pink, except for refurbished, so I got the white & then just purchased a pink band from amazon. (Side note: I had no idea how many different bands you could get from amazon. Currently I’ve got a leopard one on my radar.. 👀) 

ALRIGHT, now that we’ve gotten the background out the way, let’s get into the nitty gritty. I kept a diary of sorts for the first six days of owning the watch (I had planned to do it for about two weeks or so but life happened & also that would be a v long post ) & in it I talk about ~closing the rings~:

Day One: I'm very excited to get home from work & get on the bike. For the first time in a HOT minute I don't let the tiredness from the day discourage me. I fight it off because I NEED TO SEE HOW THIS LOGGING THING WORKS. I do a quick bike today, just ten minutes, but go straight to yoga after a cool down with the breathe app. (what a game changer) I finish with a spring in my step and I'm ready for tomorrow. Will this feeling wear off? Probably, but I'm holding onto it as long as possible. 

Day Two: I CLOSE ALL MY RINGS. Two days ago I didn't even know what this meant, but now I do & I suddenly want to close all the rings all the time. This time I do twenty minutes on the bike & between that & the work day the move is set. I'm feeling good. I also answered a call from the watch & basically lived out my kim possible fantasy, so I could get used to this.  

Day Three: It's Saturday, so hitting the goals is a bit tougher. At work I'm moving around quite a bit & even though I go Christmas shopping today, it's just not as much. I have my move goal set at 350 & it's easy as pie hitting it during the week, but I'm finding there's a hitch on weekends. I should give myself some leeway, right? After all, the weekends are for weekending. I don't have to go all out all the time. I hit every goal except standing- I get to 11 out of 12. SO CLOSE. 

Day Four: I'm getting used to opening & answering texts. I feel like some sort of top secret spy. It's v convenient for when your phone isn't right next to you or when you just don’t want to bother getting it. Does that make more lazy people? Maybe. Or maybe we’re just really productive. I make it my PRIORITY to close all my rings. I do anything I can after my workout- stand when I really wanna sit, move around while I’m standing, anything. IT WORKS! I close it all and I’m feeling v accomplished. 

Day Five: I don't plan on doing the bike because my shoulders are KILLING me, but I do it anyway because it felt weird not to. I hit the stand goal early on in the evening thanks to work, thank you v much. I want to start doing the pillow app but I can't figure out how to start the session, (Editor's note: the next day I did, indeed figure it out. Thanks google) so I just stick with meditating before bed. GOT ALL THE RINGS, because that's my new goal in life. I'm really dreamin big, kids. 

Day Six: I hit my move goal BEFORE I even start yoga, so I'm feeling good. I actually try & use the pillow app but lol it doesn't record my sleep, so there's that. (Editor’s note: soon after, I figured out how to make it record. Horrah!) 

So, as you can see, from the first day I was READY TO GO, working out without my usual murmers of resistance. Now, nearly two months in, the initial novelty has worn off, but most days it does still motivate me a lot more than not having it. I find myself standing more & finding little ways to move to get my calories in when I’m watching tv.

I find it v helpful for motivation, & there are so many features I’m sure I haven’t even touched yet. I haven’t regretted the purchase AT ALL. Just knowing I’m hitting my daily goals makes me feel productive & that’s something I’ve always struggled with. 

Everyone I asked while researching said they couldn’t imagine life without their watch now, & I totally get it. 


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