Five Spring Trends You Need To Know About

Monday, January 21, 2019

Spring Trends You Need To Know About

I know we've just packed away our Christmas decorations & rang in the new year, but it's time to start thinking SPRING. Fashion is always a step ahead, no? 

While I don't think your wardrobe should be strictly trend-based, I do think it's smart to have a good mix of classics & trends. 

Here's just a few that we'll be seeing come S/S:

Loud Outerwear
Sure, the days of neutral outerwear are still here, but this season is all about LOUD. Prints, colors, even the more obscure designs are tending. When you make such a statement, you want to make sure everything else is neutral & soft. 

The 80s are always ~back~, but this spring it’s back in a big way with neon. We’ll be seeing a lot of neon tops, suits, pretty much all of it. Going off the outerwear situation, when you wear neon you want it to be the star, so tone down everything else with simple jewelry or a denim jacket. 

I’ve been on the pleats train for a minute, & expect to see a lot of tight pleated skirts & pants this seaon. These will be great to pair with a plain blouse for work, or even a metallic bodysuit for a night out. 

Snake Print
I admire the animal print situation, but I haven’t loved the whole SNAKE thing we’ve been seeing on the runways & on the high street. However, I think a touch of it never hurt anyone, like a bodysuit to wear with jeans or even a mini dress. Keeping with the theme, keep your accessories minimal. 

I know you’re probably asking ‘But wait, isn’t khaki always on trend?’ Yes, you’re right. BUT it is especially this spring, with lots of it in the runway. 

Thankfully you don’t have to look like a schoolgirl in it, (I mean you can if that’s your thing) with dresses & khaki-d out blazers. & this is where it gets good- you can play it up with anything! Even go with one of the other trends like a neon top. 

There are soo many more trends we’ll be seeing come our way, but these are my top picks. Only thing I ask: PLEASE don’t build a wardrobe that consists of ONLY trends. 

You’ll give yourself a one way ticket to tragic city. 


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