Friday, January 4, 2019

The Bullet Journal | 2019 Update

I started bullet journaling in the middle of 2017, & I haven't gone back since. Whenever anyone asks about planner recommendations or getting organized, I immediately say the bullet journal. You can be as intricate or minimalistic as you want, & it's by far the most personalized system I've found. 

I've done a few other update posts, and I wanted to fill you in a bit on this year's so far. I don't really change up the important spreads, because what's the point in changing a good thing? & I've pretty much found the things that work for me. 

But how have my thoughts changed since first starting the bujo? Has it helped with my organization like I thought it would? 

"I personally prefer weeklys, [calendar] because I can see my week layed out & I know exactly what's coming, and can see if anything needs to be changed or added. This is also where you'll put any reminders or to-dos. I also have a space for daily gratitude, as I like to keep track of little things."

Two years on, I've pretty much kept this the same. I've never used a monthly layout, only because I have so much day-to-day that I need to write down that I need that weekly spread. 

This is where I still put my reminders & daily gratitude, & I've found that writing down at least one thing a day that you're grateful for can totally change your mindset. 

Streamlining Your Year | Bullet Journaling

"Each month I have a page for blog posts, yoga tracking, & a monthly budget." 

We've gone a little off the wagon with the budget, but I definitely still have yoga & blog post tracking every month. That was actually one of the reasons I wanted to start bullet journaling; having my content calendar in the same spot as my regular one.

I do track my spending so even if I don't have a formal ~budget~ I'm not totally in the dark. Adulting!

I can honestly say that even if I had another planner system going on, my life wouldn't be as organized. This system forces me to keep things updated & now if I wanna remember it, I know I have to write it down. 

I think the biggest misconception people have when considering the bujo is that is ~has~ to be artsy & pretty, but that's not it at all. It's about your preferences & what you're able to do. You want it colorful & pretty? Great! But if you want it simple you can have it simple.

What do you use to organize your life? Let's chat!


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