Wednesday, December 12, 2018

White Elephant Gift Guide

White elephant gift exchanges are some of the most fun exchanges, but one of the hardest to pick out gifts for. You want something that maybe won't go straight into the trash, but that's still inexpensive & somewhat gender neutral.

SO I've rounded up some of the easiest little ideas for ya that will be a major hit:

1// Card Games
Any cards against humanity-esque games are  a party HIT! If the guests are up for it this If You Had To game might even get broken out right there on the spot. Can't go wrong.

2// Throw Blanket
Blankets are one of the best white elephant gifts you can give OR receive, tbh. Who doesn't need an extra blanket? (especially me, the Always Cold Girl) This blue jacquard one looks so soft for cold winter nights spent with hot chocolate. 

3// Wine Shower Holder
HOW CONVENIENT is this guy? No more playing twister in the shower with your wine glass, now you can shower & sip and everyone will wanna steal this.  

4// Holiday Wine Glasses
To keep up with the wine theme, these stemless wine glasses are perfect for entertaining, plus they're CUTE! 

5// Gingerbread House Kit 
All the ingredients to make gingerbread houses right in one place? YES PLZ. 

6// Fun Slippers
Plain slippers are out, cutie fun slippers are in & the narwals are giving me Elf vibes. 

7// Cheeky Coffee Mug
I don't think it's possible to go wrong with giving a mug as a gift, right? & this one is very correct. Cheap coffee is waaaayy better than none at all. 

8// Literally Any Candle
When in doubt, go with a candle. This one from anthropolgie has woodsy notes, so any gender will EAT. IT. UP. 

9// Sheet Masks
Okay, so this one is geared more towards the girls, but everyone benefits from skincare so who's winning, really? Whoever winds up with this mask is gonna have THE SMOOTHEST SKIN. 

10// Desk Journal 
I'm the kind of person that welcomes a new journal anytime, even if I already have three unfilled ones. IT'S FINE. There's a million things you can use journals for. Work, list making, meal planning.... the limit doesn't exist & this gift is a no-brainer. 



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