Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Amazon Fashion PrettyGuide Sequin Dress

"Christmas spirit is not something that can be turned off like a faucet on december 26th," is quite possibly one of the most relatable Lorelai Gilmore quotes. (that & 'I need coffee in an IV') 

I used to get sad the minute Christmas night hit, thinking about the fact that it was over just like that & the tree had to come down, the music went back to regular, & life wasn't.. Christmas-y anymore. I still get kind of sad when it's over, only because my favorite time of year is ending. But now I try to excite myself with the fact that next Christmas is only 365 days away. It's about the only other thing as sure as death & taxes. (that's kind of a downer of an analogy but ANYWAY)


I wanted something sparkly & festive af for Christmas day, searching high & low. I've always been leary of finding clothes on amazon, since shopping online can be a gamble, but I've been following Colette Prime and she's made me a little less nervous about it. SO I finally found this gem from a brand called PrettyGuide & I'm obsessed. I boomerang-ed it on stories a few days ago, showing off the sparkle that reflects off the dress. It's a shift cut that's very TTS, & the sleeves are the taddest bit batwing. The best part is that the sequins stay pretty well on so there's no trail behind you.

Velvet Skirt & Sweater Winter Outfit

On Christmas Eve Eve morning (look at phoebe buffay, it's a thing ok) for church, I decided on my velvet skirt & the forever 21 sweater that's been making the rounds this winter. Pink & green is one of my favorite color combos, and a crop sweater with a midi skirt is a winter staple. 

And in true Kae fashion, that Sunday night saw an outfit change, this time to my newest sweater dress paired with my trusty teddy coat. (seriously. It's the best) 

Sweater Dress Paired With Teddy Coat

And now it's jammies all day til new years, thanks!



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