Monday, December 17, 2018

Turtleneck & Skirt Outfit

Answering the question ‘what do you want for Christmas’ gets a little less exciting each year, especially once you start to make your own money and and are able to buy your own things. What do I want/ need that I haven’t already bought myself? Why can’t you just get me a gift card?? The struggle. 


This is actually, I kid you not, the only thing I actually blatantly had on my list. I was out of town the weekend she came to Waco for a signing, (I know 😭) & I just hadnt had a chance to grab the book SO I FIGURED WHY NOT ASK FOR IT. 

SO RIVETING. This is what happens when you become an adult, kids. Why didn’t I buy protectors when I bought the watch, you ask? Because I forgot, okay? So here we are. 

When I worked retail I was always spraying this scent on. I have my signature (Taylor by Taylor swift, thank you) but it’s nice to switch it up & this babe smells AMAZING. 

I lied, maybe I mentioned this on my list too, I can’t remember. BUT I’m always looking to see if my favorite recent albums are on vinyl & Lauren’s is, what do you know. Thank you, Amazon!

aaand off to smell 1981 again, bye


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