Monday, December 3, 2018

December Mood Board & Letter From The Editor
IT’S HERE. December is here & I couldn’t be more excited. Besides those tweets saying 2018 has been three years long, it’s officially twenty two days til Christmas.

HENCE THE MOOD BOARD. I have to live vicariously through photos of snow, but the decor and the music and the fashion are alive & well and I’ve got the content to prove it.

Look out for some new outfits, Christmas decor, & more. (We’ve got a poet on our hands) Saturday night at 7pm I got this crazy idea to do blogmas but then I came back to down to earth and realized it was probably too late to pull it off BUT there will still be holiday content and some long overdue ~think pieces~ for ya.

On another note, how many hallmark movies have you watched so far? (I know you’ve watched at least one. Come on) They’re so cheesy & not the greatest BUT THEY’RE SO GOOD. Why are we into stories like this? Is it the idea of ~true love~ sweeping us off our feet in a quaint little town where the biggest problem is how they’re going to pull off the Christmas pageant? What a fantasy world, & I love every minute.

Til next time,


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