Monday, November 12, 2018

My office job allows me to get a bit creative when it comes to work style. When I was working retail I'd have to be careful of what I wore in fear that I'd be on a ladder or getting down & dirty in a floor set, but luckily office work doesn't call for that. 

If you're in need of a bit of ~work style inspo~, say no more. I've documented a work week's worth of outfits, diary style, & I've done the dirty work and linked everything at the bottom for you! I had to track down a lot of similars, but they're there nonetheless. 

Monday, 11/5  
Today is one of those ‘freezing in the morning but warm af by the end of the day’ days & I just pay attention to the morning temperature & pair your classic sweater x leggings. My little booties get me through the day.

Tuesday, 11/6
It’s a dress day, pairing one of my favorite summer numbers with a cardi & boots for the classic autumnal look. I wish I had thought to polish things off with a scarf. My neck is cold. (Editor's note: this is also what I wore to go vote in. Oh, what could've been) 

Wednesday, 11/7
One of my favorite autumn/winter outfits is a midi skirt x sweater combo, and that’s what’s happening today. I didn’t realize it was going to be ~as~ cold as it is and I wish I had worn my teddy coat with it. Pink & green, what a pair. 

Thursday, 11/8
The other day I saw my cousin looking amazing in a sweater tucked in to some neutral pants, so I’ve put my own spin on it today with a belted number and FINALLY, a scarf. 

Friday, 11/9
I got a new pair of boots from Stage & I'm wearing them out for the first time, over some leggings paired with my favorite sweater dress. A solid black scarf finishes the look off, & I'm color mixing a bit with my pink teddy coat. I'm very excited that it's Friday, and about this outfit. It's fine. 


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