Wednesday, November 7, 2018

I recently wrote a post on making good habits for getting up earlier in the mornings, & I realized it’s been a minute since I published a nighttime routine. 

SO I’m sharing my nighttime routine that I try to stick to most weeknights. (Key word, MOST- I have to make myself flexible if I’m going to be out that night or something’s going on that makes the routine flux. BE FLEXIBLE)

8:30 PM- Shower & Start To Wind Down 
I’ve always been a night shower-er, just because it’s a good wind down PLUS I’ve never been one to want to hop out of bed to jump in the shower. Just doesn’t work for me. So I’ll take a quick night shower and then do my skincare routine, moisturize, etc. 

This is the time I'll get my last bits of tech in- scrolling through IG one last time, watching onelastepisode... the usual. If my nails need a touch up that's also the time I go for it. Painting nails is soothing, okay? Also baking. PRETTY MUCH ALL THE SELF CARE THINGS. 

9:30 PM- Tech Downtime
Mind you this is a v, VERY rough estimate. Sometimes the downtime doesn’t start until about an hour later (like if I’m watching a show- oops) but this is what I shoot for on a regular night. I mentioned downtime in my other post, & it’s taken me a few years to realize how important it is. It's pretty easy to shut my laptop, but the phone is another story. 

I've started charging it all the way across the room, partially because it makes me actually get out of bed for my alarm, & partially because it forces me to PUT DOWN THE PHONE & GO TO SLEEP, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. If you've got an iphone, the 'downtime' setting next to do not disturb is v helpful. It will close out all your apps at the time you choose & the guilt is put on YOU if you choose to bypass. Amazing! 

10/10:30 PM- Read/ Write/ Etc.
In my life, a sure sign of ~adulthood~ was coming to terms with the fact that bedtime is one of my only free times for reading during the week. When I realized this, I was, at first, devastated. "But when will I watch my shows?" I cried. 

Yeah, real tough issues we got over here.

 Now I happily dive in to my reads- & my devotionals- with the enthusiasm of a pup who's just run to greet their human at the door. I relish it. It reminds me of the olden days when all we did was read because we didn't know any better. There was no twitter to RT or facebook videos to go down the rabbit hole. I notice on the nights that I spend my final moments reading, writing, or doing something calming that doesn't involve a screen, I'm able to fall asleep much faster and have a more restful night than the nights I spend my time otherwise. Who knew!

What does your routine look like? 


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