Monday, October 1, 2018

If you’ve been following along on insta/ read Friday’s post, you know I spent the weekend in Destin, Florida for my cousin’s wedding. It was a BLAST, & I thought it’d be fun to do a little what I wore post, especially on the ~dress of the weekend~. 

Even though it was the end of September, pretty much anywhere in the south is gonna still be warm, so I packed dresses & a denim skirt (do we expect any less)

Friday night  they had a little welcome reception (basically a reception pregame & I was here for it) & I wanted something fun but beachy-casual, so I opted for the skirt & my ASOS polka top, which is almost an exact replica of this look, paired with my platform sandals

Saturday was a beach day (as well as Friday, if we're being honest) so I picked one of my favorite t-shirt dresses from f21 (unfortunately this is the closest I could find to the exact one) as a kind of swimsuit cover (I brought along this swim from target) that also doubled as a look for the rest of the day. 

This thing has been with me through the long haul, & it’s still kicking. I love it! 

& of course, Saturday night was wedding time. I’d been looking for the ~perfect~ dress probably since June (I wish I was joking) & then I found this crepe high-low maxi dress that looked like the model just had a stroll on the beach. 

Would I look the same? Only time would tell. 

Paired with a pair of black wedges the length was just right. (it hits the floor just a tad with no heel) It worked v well and the dress is just as comfortable as it looks. Even though it's a summer-y dress I'm hoping to get a tad more wear before I have to put it away for the year (she says as she also wishes for sweater temps) 

STYLE HACK: I definitely didn't realize when ordering the dress that the slit in the middle of the bottom was SLIT. Like, slit in half- - one wrong move & it's underwear to the wind. 

Not a cute look.

So I armed myself with fashion tape & taped the sides together, making sure it was secure enough for any dance move, & it was ready to go. 


Aaaaand now back to the real world.



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