Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

I've recently been v into podcasts (as mentioned in this post) which is something I never thought I'd say. I'm a visual learner & I don't do well with straight auditory (except for music, because music) which is why I can't do audio books or listen to football on the radio, & why I thought podcasts wouldn't be my thing. But oh, how I was wrong. They're basically like their own brand of radio show, & I'm hooked. I'll listen sometimes when I'm driving, getting ready, even in the break room at work. (Hello, I'm an introvert, how ya doin)

I have a couple that I'm listening to religiously at the moment, as well as some I've been ~getting into~. As much as I now love podcasts, it's just ANOTHER thing I don't have enough time in the day for. I need to listen to all the music, read all the books, watch all the tv, listen to all the podcasts AND have a life?? lol okay cool. 


I kind of credit Katy with starting my podcast affair, as I knew I had to listen IMMEDIATELY when she started Thick & Thin. One of ~the best~ youtubers/ content creators/ gals out there, she talks about life as a post-grad millennial navigating her way through New York. My NY dreams are lived out vicariously through her, & she has a way of telling stories that make you feel like you experienced them too. 

Vampire Diaries was my OG. I LIVED for the drama, the love triangles, & Caroline Forbes and Vicki Donovan. SO when I found out they were starting a podcast together (AKA Candice King & Kayla Ewell) I was like YES count me in. They talk about navigating life as thirty-somethings & the realization that they STILL don't have it all together. This revelation is kind of comforting, and I like hearing their perspective on things that I know nothing about, like parenting. They also have fun guests like Grace Helbig & Becca Tilley!   

Speaking of Becca, she has a podcast of her own called Scrubbing In with her friend Tanya. The name comes from her love of Grey's (a girl after my own heart) & topics of conversation include love, pop culture, and more. She’s even had some of the grey’s cast as guests sooo what more could you want, basically. This podcast makes me laugh out loud on the reg & I love it. 

I love Jen Hatmaker. Like, love. She is a breath of fresh air in a world of Joel Olsteens. Her podcast is no different, & OKAY maybe I'm only a few episodes deep into this one, but you'll love it. She has so many guests & she has different series on things, like food & friends. (two of my favorites f's)

I'm also looking for some blogging/ business-y type podcats so if you have any rec's send them my way! What's on your list? 


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