Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The $40 ASOS Pinafore

You ever realize about two hours after you took photos that you had the PERFECT accessory to go with it & failed to style like you’re umm, a stylist? Or is that just me, with this pinafore & a good old newsboy? 

Just pretend it’s there, okay? Okay. 

Pinafore Skirt And Leggings Outfit
Autumn Pinafore Outfit

A good pinafore is the new autumn staple you need. The overall/ suspender crossover is uncharted territory for me, always an admirer but never bold enough to try it. But this season I said lol let’s do it. (Is my attitude connected to seeing Lara Jean rock them in to all the boys i've loved before? maaaybe) 

ASOS Pinafore Outfit

I fell in love with this little number from ASOS petite, buttons & all. I didn’t realize just how ~short~ it would be, (like, one wrong move and it’s over) & I am confined to pairing it with leggings or tights.

But we make it work because pinafores are more of an autumn thing anyway & I’m here for it. 

Black Pinafore Skirt And Leggings
The Pinafore You Need In Your Wardrobe



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