Monday, September 10, 2018

I used to be a jeans kinda gal. In the summer, of course, I'd stay as far as humanly possible away from them, but otherwise I loved a good jean. They were comfortable and I found wearing them to be a luxury, of sorts. But what happens when you feel you've outgrown them? CAN you outgrow a style? These are the questions I've been pondering since I found myself wearing a jean less & less often, instead favoring dresses and the ~kae staple~ of a denim skirt.

The past four years have forced me to get a bit creative when it comes to dressing the bottom half- first working retail that called for business casual, and now with my office job. I started swapping out jeans for a tailored trouser or wide leg pant, or just scrapping a two piece all together & going for a dress.

The older I get, the more my style seems to be as much about comfort as it is ~personal style~, and the thing that was once most comfortable now almost feels like a burden. Maybe the years of hating the process of shopping for jeans is partially to blame (my fellow shorts know the deal) 

Those women that wear jeans like a power pose & can lounge around in a jeans & tee look? MORE POWER TO THEM. Wearing what you're comfortable in is as good as it gets. 

Have I gotten rid of the jeans in my wardrobe, begging to be worn again? Of course not, I'm not a monster. I can still hang with the jeans crowd every now & then. 


Style is always changing, isn't it? 


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