Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Birth Control Debate

I've been on birth control on & off since high school. I wasn't diagnosed with PMDD until a few years ago, but even before then every month was a war zone. Mood swings, debilitating pain, the works. Birth control has been and continues to be a lifesaver for me. It lets me live my life (for the most part) without dreading the pain. 

It has also for some reason been up for public debate for quite some time, & with the recent call of it an 'abortion inducing drug' (which is not & hasn't ever been near the truth) it's clear we still need some serious education on the matter, as well as maybe women's health not being up for debate anymore.

No matter your political stance, we can no longer argue the fact that birth control is in fact used for more than ~birth control~. (And some women just want to practice safe sex! Sue them!) For many women, the pill is not an option but a necessity, much like for myself, as well as millions of women suffering from the same disease along with endometriosis & a myriad of others. So why should insurance coverage even be a question? The likely answer is a matter of sexism, men in power thinking they know what's best for women. (I feel everyone rolling their eyes at another kae rant) 

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It may feel like we're doomed, but I feel like the more women speak up, the more we'll be taken seriously. Stories mean something. If we sit back & allow ourselves to be walked over, then nothing will change. It doesn't necessarily take a big loud protest or revolution, it just takes us. 

The birth control debate should never have been a debate in the first place, & I for one, am tired. And in need of a coffee. Just give a girl what she wants. 


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