Wednesday, September 26, 2018

In Defense Of The Unanswered Text | With Dignity & Coffee

I was recently listening to Candice King & Kayla Ewell’s podcast (I’ve been getting into podcasts & I love) and they were chatting about the pressure to always be available and the expectations of sending that text back. I've always been an advocate of technology; it keep us moving forward & there can be a lot of good in it. But with that good also comes the assumption that we will always be there to post on social media and answer texts and phone calls and be ~on~ 24/7. 

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I can't blame us, really. It's what we've come to know. Though internet once took five minutes to pop up, it's now instantaneous, and from it we've become a society of now. It's why UberEats exists, why the majority prefer ordering clothes with one touch of the phone (something my dad still can't comprehend) to going into the store. But just because other things are there in .2 seconds, does that mean we have to be?  

I’m either immediate in responding to texts or it takes me ten hours, there is no in between, which is hilarious that I’m sometimes terrible about it because when someone doesn’t respond to me right away ~anxiety brain~ goes LOL THEY ACTUALLY HATE ME. & then rational brain is like ‘kae they’re just like you, a human with a life who could be working or napping or having dinner or on a date or in the middle of catching up on their shows or they’ve JUST PLAIN FORGOTTEN about their phone.’ Which is true for me when I remember the moment my head hits the pillow, ‘crap I forgot to text back.’ 

In fact, I’ll sometimes open a message just to get the notif to go away- because the notification symbol will be the death of me- without actually reading it at the moment and then I won’t remember until approximately five hours later. Oops.

In Defense Of The Unanswered Text

Sometimes I just don’t want to be available to the outside world. There are days when if it weren’t for the fact that I have an Instagram to keep up and lol my phone cost $700, I would throw the thing into the river. The days of being bored & in the moment, with no tech distractions, are long gone and I have no doubt it’s a catalyst in the increase of mental illness in our peers. That’s not to say ‘technology sucks!! Get rid of it all!!’ I'm obviously a fan- how could I not be, it’s what’s given me this space. But I think it’s become unhealthy when it comes to the expectation that we have to respond, to everyone, right away.

We shouldn’t feel guilty for living our lives! Doing things that make us forget about the text messages waiting for us! Turning off your phone for an afternoon!

We don’t have to be on & available 24/7.

Trust me, it’s good for the health. 


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