Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I went into clothes mentor with a challenge: what could I find with a budget of $50? Four items & $46 later, thank you, I was satisfied. Four things for under fifty bucks is a win in my book, especially when it’s two things at the most on an asos browse. (as much as I love asos, don’t get me wrong) 

I desperately needed a blazer, because as of right now I only had one in my closet. I’m still in the hunt for a good colored one, but I found a tan cropped LC Lauren Conrad number right off the bat, & I’m obsessed. $14.00

I also picked up a Pink Republic suede dress because autumn’s coming & suede is timeless, ok.

I actually really like the blazer & dress together, as it’s perfect for work with tights and boots. $12.00

Also from Pink Republic is this floral (are we surprised) long sleeeve tunic number that’s a good causal piece to wear with leggings, for only FIVE DOLLARS. 


I spotted this crushed velvet skirt on the mannequin and it was love at first sight. It’s one of those pieces that don’t have a tag or brand or anything, so I have no idea what it is or where it came from. BUT I’S A GEM and a dream with an off the shoulder piece or dark solid top.

This is my favorite thing about thrifting, finding your new favorite piece on a whim. AND IT WAS $14.00.

I hadn’t been thrifting in a minute & I remembered why I love doing it-- you can find quality things for good prices and end up with your new favorite piece. 


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