Monday, August 13, 2018


I used to blog about blogging a lot, and then one day I realized that not all my readers are bloggers and so maybe they don't care so much about the latest blogging trend or the instagram algorithm or anything else currently trending in the blogosphere.

But sometimes I like to document my thoughts on certain things because lol I have a blog and documenting is pretty much what I do. For a big chunk of my blogging life, I had no idea what I was doing even when I thought I did. I was writing about things I loved, yeah, but I was also writing what I ~thought~ would sell. 

And that’s a recipe for disaster.

It may have looked like I had direction, but alas there was none. It wasn’t until I analyzed ~why~ I started blogging, and why I loved writing, that I found my groove. I also cyber-stalked people with similar vibes & gathered inspo. (Remember the difference between flattery and imitation, never go with imitation) I started thinking of pieces that I’d not only like to write, but that I’d like to read & photos I’d like to look at if tables were turned, which is how I realized as much as I love a good breakdown on what I’ve bought from asos, I like these types of posts, the more thoughtful ~think pieces~ where I semi-eloquently yell into the void about whatever is in my brain at the moment.

I know what kinds of outfits I like to style and which ones you like to see, and yeah sure lol I wanna write 'click worthy' things sure, but I don't focus on numbers as much anymore. Instead I write what ~you~ want to read. 

And I finally know what I'm doing. 


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