Monday, August 20, 2018

YES I know this title is ripped from that bold type episode BUT it’s a good title & relevant, as I’ve got another post I was working on but took a break on because I just, couldn’t. I didn’t feel like writing or thinking... sometimes you just ~can’t~ and that’s okay. 

Here’s what you do when it hits:

1// Dye Your Hair
This one is obviously if you’re going for something a tad drastic, but coming out of the salon (or in my case, the bathroom) with a fresh color can completely change your mood & your point of view.

2// Find Solace In Your Local Target
Target's just put out a new line called Wild Fable (peep these pants) & it's impossible to feel anything other than pure joy while browsing. Other places to consider rolling your cart over to: The book aisle. Candles. The beauty department. And, when all else fails, the wine aisle. 

3// Find an 80s Playlist
I will always stand by my thought process that playlists are a key in solving anything. What is it about 80s songs that make you feel like you're in a John Hughes film?  

4// Road Trip
As evidenced by the bold type episode that this was inspired by, gathering your girl gang and banding together for a weekend road trip is therapeutic. Carpool karaoke, regular karaoke, Starbucks, & having the time of your life with your friends. What could be better? 

& then, after you do all of the above, maybe juuust maybe, you ~can~.


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