Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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I've been thinking of a good way to start this post, because I'm sure you're like, 'she's really gonna spend an entire post on therapy? what is this?' & click the big x and never look back, which is totally fine. But I also think talking about therapy is helpful and reading people's experiences on things is what makes the world go round, right? 

The Real Deal On Therapy

My experience with therapy has been a years-long one, met with tears & frustration. For a while I didn’t even think I needed it. But then I got to university, and things got less than peachy. And so it began, first with an on-campus counselor that I didn’t really connect with. And then an off campus one, and other one, and so on. There seems to still be a sort of stigma around therapy, often in the form of “I have an appointment” because of the embarrassment that follows saying “I’ve got to go to therapy.” 

But why we should we feel embarrassed? When you’ve got a nasty sinus infection and you’ve forgotten what breathing through your nose feels like, you go to the doctor & you get medication or a big old sexy shot. Therapy is just another medication, if ya wanna look at it that way. 

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The Truth About Therapy

Perhaps the biggest obstacle- besides fear- is insurance. So if you're in the US, listen up. If you're not, I have no idea how your healthcare works & my best advice is to go to your GP? Or insurance company? lol what a huge helpful post this is! Okay, back to US. I'm lucky enough to still be on my parents' insurance (get back to me in two years when I have to be on my own & I'm drowning) & mental health is covered so all I have to pay is co-pay. Not a bad system, once you find a therapist that’s a good fit for you. THAT’S THE KEY. 

For me, it’s taken four off the top of my head. My next to most recent therapist was good, but she was long distance and video chats just weren’t cutting it anymore. I could say to my current therapist, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE??!! I actually look forward to my weekly appointments, knowing I can vent and yell and cry and even express my feelings on jane the virgin (can the season just come on already so we can have answers??) 

Yes, sometimes bubble baths & face masks & a good wine and netflix date is enough self care to get you through, but when it's not, therapy is something I thoroughly believe anyone can benefit from, and I say it's time the stigma around mental health treatment ends. Obviously this blog post won't be solely responsible, but it's a start? Maybe? 

The Real Deal On Therapy


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