Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Graphic Tee And Skirt Outfit

It seems that good old romantic comedies have become few & far between nowadays, a fact lost on me until it was pointed out by the internet, and then I realized OMG IT’S TRUE WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE ROM COM. 

Graphic Tee And Skirt Outfit

& then came the BEAUTY that is to all the boys I’ve loved before. & though I can’t say for myself because I still haven’t seen crazy rich Asians, it’s apparently also bringing back the rom-com genre, and I for one am here for it. 

I realized the closest thing we've had to cheesy, feel good rom-coms are hallmark christmas movies, and as much as I love them, diversity is severely lacking. I think my favorite movies are old chick flicks (clueless, 13 going on 30, you know the ones) because there's a sort of nostalgia to them that you just don't get anymore. 

Until now, which means you'll hear me screaming about it forever, thanks. 

The Revival of the Rom Com
Autumn Transitional Outfit

Now to the ~lewk~:

Both of these pieces have been in my wardrobe for quite some time, but the knot is having another moment for me again, and I don't get a chance to bring out the suede babe very often. 

It's put together in a v casual way that I can get behind. 

Graphic Tee Knotted At Front


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