Wednesday, August 8, 2018

August Mood Board
{all images via pinterest}

Pale colors & pretty vibes over here at WDAC, the dog days of summer in full swing. 

The ending of seasons is always bittersweet, especially the transition from summer to autumn, lemonade turned into hot chais and the smell of sunscreen traded in for pumpkin's spicy aroma. But there's something exciting about the change, much like the new year. It's a ~new beginning~ so they say, & as much as I hate change, I like this part of it. 

So, here's a little ~preview~ of what's to come:

This month expect to see my take on some new brands that are sure to become favorites, more thinkpieces (because I'm always thinking about something) & maybe even a couple of new series. (like this one? maybe?) I truly love the things I write about, (even though sometimes finding the time to sit down & actually write & take photos seems impossible) which makes me love that you get to read it. 

Here's to august. (picture the champagne emoji here) Over & out. 


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