Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Why I Don't Think Blogging Is Dying

It seems the good ole blogosphere has been split down the middle the past year or so, as there has been an increasing number of so called instagram blogs and less actual blogs. We're a want it now society, anything more than a screenshot to get clothing details emailed seeming like a daunting task. Reading 300+ words? No thank you. So the question causing debates all around: is the art of blogging dying? 

While I admit there are some days reading micro-blog Instagram cations & double tapping is about all I can muster the energy for, I still love reading the long-form that started it all. Maybe it's because at the heart of it I'm a writer and just can't imagine not doing ~this~. Sitting down & writing my thoughts out, in more words than a social media caption allows. In the same way, I can't imagine not reading it. Maybe micro-blogging is becoming more common, but I don't think regular blogging is becoming a dying breed. I do think people want to get back to the basics, sharing thoughts & your latest purchases and forever 21 lusts without worrying so much if it's a 'view friendly' post. I've been victim to the 'write what looks good' mentality & I'm calling it quits. (more on that another day)  

Floral Dress And Kimono Summer Outfit

So maybe it is dying in a way, as we've began to know it at least. Maybe more people are no longer wanting to deal with a full on blogging platform and would rather go the micro-blogging route, to which I say, do your thang. There's room for all of it. But that fact is the reason I have to argue that this thing of sharing your ~world~ on the internet is here to stay. There are always the ebbs and flows of it, but the backbone remains the same. 

Is The Art Of Blogging Dying?
Floral Dress

If you think about it, the history of blogging is kind of cool. I remember watching 'Juile & Julia' in which Amy Adams' character (Julie) begins a food blog documenting her way through a Julia Childs cookbook. Set in the early 2000s, the (real life) story gives a glimpse into the start of it all, when the only website templates available were the ones provided by the platform, there was no way to promote your blog besides word of mouth, and uploading photos was not as simple as clicking a button on an iphone. We've come a long way, and I'm sure growing up as the myspace generation (even though I was never allowed to have one, RIP) helped. We were destined to tell our life story to strangers, no matter how strange it may seem.

I don't think that's going to change anytime soon, despite what the experts say. 


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