Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Active Ways To Beat Stress

Oftentimes blog posts talking about beating stress will give tips like 'take a bubble bath!' and 'call a friend'! & while those are so helpful for self care and can work wonders for a gal, it's not the only thing you can do when stressed. It's important to look at the stressor itself and figure out how to nip it in the bud, so to speak. (am I the only one who thought it was nip it in the butt and imagined someone kicking you in the hindquarters as a child?)


1// Get Outside
A change of scenery can end up doing WONDERS for your stress levels. I find that walking or jogging with stevez, if even just for ten minutes can change my whole mood. I don't need to hit you with the receipts (aka the links) for you to know that vitamin C is essential to mood control. The sun can literally melt your stress away. or at least help. 

2// Take It Piece By Piece 
If you are overwhelmed with tasks and to do lists, the best thing to do is break it up into smaller, less stressful pieces, starting with the biggest priorities first. Then, using the kitchen timer method, work on each task until you're finished. This is an active way to be productive, taking some stress away from yourself & your calendar.

3// Stay Mindful
When your brain is working overtime and you've got a thousand things happening and you can't even remember what day it is or what if you put on underwear this morning, staying present is about the last thing on your mind. Things tend to get jumbled and you may find yourself feeling like the you're not really here. In these moments it's important to stay mindful, maybe practicing grounding exercises that can help remind you it's going to be okay and this stress is temporary. 

That's the biggest thing to remember: it's temporary. The stress will leave and things will be okay, and in the meantime you're armed with ways to fight back. 


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