Friday, July 13, 2018

Forever 21 Floral Shift Dress

Let's call it the midsummer shopping itch. It's most definitely something I just made up as I sit in this coffee shop, but whatever. Go with it, shall we? I've gone a little 'add to cart' happy and obviously I'm sharing it with you because lol I'm horrible and want you to also buy the things. BECAUSE THEY'RE CUTE, OKAY? 

What I've Bought This Month

I started out July right by visiting a forever 21 red that I happened upon as I exploring a nearby town one day. I was dogsitting for my best friend & ventured out to devour some five guys, and in that same shopping area there she sat. It was fate. 

Dresses will never stop having a moment with me & I've added two more to the mix, both shift dresses that can be worn the rest of the summer as well as taken into autumn (TWO MONTHS AWAY, PEOPLE) with some layers. I adore the little daisy detailing on this one!

There's something about stars that I think are really cute, maybe because I like the actual stars, ~nature! space!~ and I'm always on the lookout for dainty little jewelry pieces. So naturally I picked up this necklace as well as a top that I've found pairs well with white jeans or the good ole denim skirt. 

A July Haul
Red Shift Dress

ASOS recently rebranded their line with Design, & I've been wanting to try a few pieces out, which is where this polka dot number & blush (what's new) tee come in. So many Bardot vibes with the polka and it's a perfect little beach top. I will definitely be doing an insta stories try on when they arrive!

& last but not least, we've got a quintessential accessory of the moment.... the black belt. (not the karate kid) There was a period I wasn't really much of a belt gal, unless it was absolutely necessary to keep from having a wardrobe malfunction, but luckily now I'm all about it. It's chic and effortless!

I've got a good start on a late summer haul, but I do myself and I have a feeling it ain't over just yet. 



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