Monday, July 9, 2018

Tips For Rose Gold Tint

Experimenting with my hair is the same as experimenting with clothes for me: a creative way of expressing how I'm feeling, the ~aesthetic~, if you will. (yes I do use that word too much, no I won't stop) I've always wanted to try out a fun color, but actually dyeing it lavender or rose gold is a commitment I'm never sure about. My only tousle with pink dye was one summer with my cousins, streaking the fronts hoping to get an Aria Montgomery pre missing Alison look, but just ended up looking like I had a bit too much fun in the dye. We live, we learn.

So this temporary pink tint was right up my alley and I wanted to try it ASAP, months ago. The problem was, that months ago my hair was still brunette, and no matter what Lucy Hale’s Instagram photos show, it just didn’t work AT ALL on my darker hair. (Seriously, how? Lucy give us your secrets pls) After about two or three tries I finally said forget it and waited until my hair got its natural tone back. Some tips I’ve gathered from these last few go rounds: 

Rose Gold Hair

1// If you have dirty blonde-ish hair, your best bet is to use on completely dry hair. Though the directions say fresh- out-of-the-shower or towel dried strands, after experimenting with both damp & totally dry hair I can say with confidence that dry works best. It just seems to hold better on my hair. Maybe it’s the color or the thickness, but it’s there. 

2// Focus on the ends. Obviously you’ll want to spray the top/ all over as well, unless you’re going for just the ends. But I’ve noticed that the tips are what seem to fade first as you’re putting the color on from dripping/ etc. It’s helpful to squeeze the ends with your fingers a bit so not as much color leaves the hair. 

3// Depending on the color of your hair, the tint will be different tones. Really the perfect, ~Pinterest worthy~ rose gold can only be achieved on naturally very blonde hair. (Without bleaching, that is) Just go with it! 

Tips For Tinting Your Hair

This last go around I wasn't 100% feeling it, not sure if it wasn't showing because I wasn't expecting it to or if it really didn't take. Validation was thankfully had, though, so I think it gives a nice rose-y/ red tone to my strands. The key here is trial & error, and I’ll keep playing with it (always on dry hair) until I find the tone I want it to be. (The lighter my hair gets, the lighter the tone. You get the picture)

Have you tired the rose gold trend?


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