Wednesday, June 27, 2018


While looking at my previous birthday posts for a bit of ~inspiration~, I came across the one dated June 26th, 2014. My twentieth birthday. 

It is officially four years and one day later and here I sit, in so many ways the same & in so many ways different. As the years pass I'm beginning to learn that's all life really is. On one hand, I could look at my life, realizing I've now hit my mid-twenties & merely 364 days away from that quarter of a century mark, & freak the f out.

Sometimes IT HAPPENS.

Or I could look at it with admiration. Maybe I'm not exactly where I wanna be yet. Who really is? But I'm a hell of a lot closer than I was four years ago. If anything, let this post be a reminder that you might be eating yesterday's cold pizza for breakfast and lol got ghosted on tinder but YOU'RE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN. 

We'll all float on okay, or something like that. 


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