Friday, June 8, 2018

The events of this Tuesday have led me to reading many stories of women acquiring their very first Kate Spade. How something so simple rocked their little world, making them feel empowered, feminine, grown up. 

I first became familiar with the brand ~way back~ in middle school, as I looked longingly on as classmates rocked her latest accessories, wishing it weren’t so ~expensive~. The brand spoke to me, aesthetically (if ya haven’t caught on by now, I’ve always been a bit swoony for a good pink, girly vibe) and personally. Something about KS makes one feel like she can conquer the world. I fell fast & hard for her way with words and designs. 

Fast forward to my nineteenth or twentieth birthday, (I’m at that age where they all run together, oops) and I decided to treat myself to my very own KS bag. Waltzing into Nordstrom like I meant business, it was that moment of empowerment, though seemingly small. 

That’s what Kate Spade was. The embodiment of empowerment. 

Which is why it was so heartbreaking to find out that the visionary behind it all was dealing with the worst kind of demons and couldn’t fight them. “She was so happy. It’s shocking.” Words I’ve read from accounts from her loved ones, and words I hear nearly everytime someone dies by suicide. The thing is, someone can seem so happy and actually be slowly withering away on the inside. You never know who might need a kind word or gesture. Everyone is going through something at any given time. 

I wish people could fast forward to the ‘after the storm’ part. There was a time I didn’t think such a thing existed, as I’m sure most victims of suicide also believed. If only there were a way to play out the future before you, to see what you’d be missing. If you have told me then that my life now was full of so many things I never thought I'd have or achieve or be, I wouldn’t have believed it. But it’s the truth: things can get better. 

And you should never be ashamed of asking for help. 

We’ll miss you, Kate. 

"Playing dress up begins at age five & never truly ends." -KS

24/7 Crisis Hotline: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Network
1-800-273-TALK (8255)


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