Monday, June 4, 2018

The Importance Of Alone Time

If you’re a fellow introvert, I’m sure you’re well acquainted with alone time. It’s how we recharge, getting the best version of ourselves ready for the world. 

But even the most extroverted of the bunch can benefit from a little time for ~you~. In a world of always being “on” and putting our best foot forward and lol I’ve got an interview at three and a date at seven and I don’t know what to do with myself, if we don’t take some time out to be still for two seconds, we’ll end up running from an empty coffee mug and that never works out.

Taking time for yourself is the best form of self care, in my opinion. And there are endless ways to do it. 

Why It's Important To Take Time For Yourself

My favorite ways to unplug: 

+ Unplug, literally. Step away from the Instagram and the texts, turn on do not disturb, and go. 
+ Self Care: face masks, bubble baths, (a lifesaver, I may or may not be writing this ~from~ the bath) new nail color, the works. 
+ Get outside. Go for a walk, take some photos of things you find along the way, do a Phoebe run if     ya feel like it. 
+ Yoga
+ Read a juicy, can’t put down book where oops suddenly you’re transported to that world and there’s no turning back, sorry.

Finding the things you like best is half the fun of having alone time, and it’s so necessary for mental health & happiness. 


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