Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Dos And Dont't Of Self Tan
Summer Shift Dress

Ah, the self tan. It’s a love/ hate relationship, most of my high school years watching everyone around me tan ~naturally~ so easily, while I was out getting burnt to a good crisp after approximately two hours of sun. So unfair, I’d think, and so I’d turn to my new BFF, the ‘fake n bake’ as it was affectionately called. But you see, the relationship didn’t really work it. It was messy, streaky, and a certain shade of orange I had previously only seen on Ross Geller when he counted in Mississippi’s during a spray tan. 

Fast forward a few years. We’ve grown, gotten older, wiser. It’s been a little rocky, but we’re getting there & I’ve learned some things along the way:

the Best Ways To Use Self Tan

Invest in a quality tanner. Sometimes you have to trial & error it, like I did with Jergens Natural Glow because it was ~the~ self tanner and I thought it’d be roses and rainbows. But it ended up not working very well each time I tried it, so I started to research and now I’m onto banana boat. Who knew they had tanning lotion? So far, it’s been my favorite of all the ones I’ve tried! *knocks on wood*

Overdo it. Just like with any method of tanning, you don’t want to get to the Ross shade. With self tan, this means only reapplying three to four times a week once you get to your desired shade. You want to maintain, not go crazy.

Self Tan The Right Way

Invest in a mitt. Okay so lol I haven’t done this yet, but only because I haven’t found one. WHERE DO I NEED TO LOOK HELP ME OBI KENOBI (okay I guess the answer is amazon who am I kidding)
Anyway, tanning gloves take care of two things: preventing the tanner from getting on the palms of your hands, and also getting a more ~flawless~ application with less streaks. 

Which brings me to... 

Get streaky. It’s just not cute. When searching for a tanner, look for one that specifically says streak-free, and when applying make sure to get every nook & cranny possible, evenly, even if it means playing a little game of twister. The more even & non-streaky, the more natural your tan will look. 

Forever 21 Palm Shift Dress

Okay, now for just a little bit on this palm dress. If floral is my favorite pattern, perhaps that of the palm tree is my second. I love a good dress that gives me beachy vibes, & palms on a shift dress is just that. And how fun is this fit? 

I ordered a small and it was a tad big in the shoulder area, but my favorite little trick of pinning in it the back made everything perfect. So ready to wear this on any vacation that might be had! With a little help from my gal self tan, of course. 


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