Friday, June 29, 2018

Hi hi, welcome to a new & improved version of bits & baubles. I've revamped this so many times you probably don't even remember what it started out as. I barely even remember. Anyway, you've seen most of these photos on my insta, but I thought I'd collect them all here. 

I've been OBSESSED with the huji app, as evidenced in these bad boys. I love the vintage (are we calling 90s vintage now? Because if we are, hi I'm old) vibes of the photos!

June has been HOT. But I've been spending as much time outside without melting as I can, usually accompanied by the book I'm currently reading or wine. Or both.   

My birthday also came & went (I won't speak anymore of this, the party's over, no more fun, blah blah) Between Babe's (I feel sorely sorry for the non- Texan readers that don't have a clue what the best mashed potatoes in the world taste like) and my lovely lovely friends I'm feeling slightly less quarter life crisis-y at the moment.

The beginning of the month saw a mini roadtrip (because anywhere out of DFW takes at least two hours) with my best friend to visit our friend from university, & many shenanigans were had, most not even pictured.  

I always swear I'm going to take more photos to have things to look back on, not just 'for the insta'. I'm getting better, & even though most things aren't captured (I haven't had an updated selfie with too many of my people in too long) I think maybe that's a good thing. The things I do capture are enough to look back on & the memory is there, and in the moment I'm actually in the moment. 

Here's to more of that in July. 


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