Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Career Motivation You Need

The correlation between millennials and career anxiety has become.. well I’m actually not the greatest at math. But it has definitely become prevalent, & for good reason.

It’s no longer our parents’ world, where a job was near guaranteed as soon as a college diploma made its way into their hands. It’s now a time of uncertainty and unemployment and working dead end jobs nowhere near your field, “just for now.” 

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And sometimes that’s what we have to do; get a job doing something we less than love to simply make ends meet. But the fact that we have to can cause one to become discouraged, drained and feeling like they’re stuck. 

The best advice I’ve come across to get out of this is to push through, and continue doing what you love even if you have to do something else along with it. There’s never going to be a perfect time to start, so just start today. Start making goals and don’t look back, while simultaneously trying your darndest to not hate the place you’re in. 

Easier said than done, much? 

Maybe. Even still, it gets things done. So start today. Start where you're at and run with it. 

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