Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Signs You Need A Break

It’s such a blogger thing to do to address when you miss a day’s post, or you go on a mini break, or basically break your normal blogging cycle at all. It’s a cliche that I’m TOTALLY DOING, SUE ME. It’s important to not ignore the signs of a burnout, or of just needing a break. It's still hard for me to admit sometimes that I NEED a break. 

But breaks are imperative for our health, both mental & physical. Without them, the burnout continues until there's a breakdown, and nobody wants that. 

But how can you tell when you've reached that point?


1// Everything Starts To Feel Like A Chore
I get it, you're not going to love everything you do, especially when it comes to work, but if you're starting to feel like the smallest tasks are the biggest chore, you might be headed for burnout. Especially if what you're doing is more than a hobby than anything. I treat this blog as a business, and sometimes it's my work. But no matter what, it still my hobby as well, something I love to do. The moment it starts to become anything less, I know it's time to take a step back and regroup. 

2// Inspiration Is Nowhere To Be Found
Though sometimes you'll walk away from the day feeling less than inspired, if there are days & days in a row of a grey block in your brain, that might mean it's time for a break. There are lots of ways to get the inspiration back & taking a moment is the first step in that. 

3// You Feel Guilty For Thinking Of Said Break
If you hear yourself thinking about maybe taking a break but then immediately shut it down because the guilt creeps in, you need to listen to your gut. AKA the ‘take a break’ side of you. You’re not supposed to feel guilty for having a little down time. So if you are, it’s time to pick up the ice cream, trim off your phone, forget about the guilt, and VEG. 

You’ll thank yourself later, trust me. 


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