Friday, May 25, 2018

Highlight Glow

These days I’m ALL ABOUT a simplified beauty & makeup routine. The quicker, the better and sometimes that means finding hacks that take the simplifying a step further.  

Swiping on a white/ golden shade of eye shadow onto the highlight area is my new favorite way to get an effortless glow.

I usually mix the uninhibited and unlocked shades from the Lorac Unzipped Gold palette, which is possibly my holy grail palette. The colors I use for highlight are just the right amount of glow and it ~literally~ goes on in one swipe. 

Sometimes if I'm feeling ~extra~ glowy, I'll pop my favorite NYX highlighter on top of the shadow, (like I'm wearing in the photo) which is an extra step, but one that's worth it. But in either case, this little trick I've been doing will be the go-to once the heat of summer hits and I can barely stand to swipe on mascara. 

It's an easy way to get the 'I spent ten minutes contouring' glow while really only spending ten seconds. 

Game on.


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