Friday, April 6, 2018

Eczema Skincare Products

A few years back I wrote a post highlighting the products I used for my eczema, but that’s changed since then, as well as my blogging skills thank you very much. 

Having literally come out of the womb with the skin condition tearing it’s ugly head, I’ve had twenty three years of trial & error, trying to combat flare ups and deal with the itchiness that makes you wanna scream. 

Skincare Routine For Eczema

I recently had the worst flare up I’ve had in awhile, & decided it might be time to see a dermatologist. She gave me Eucrisa & between that and these products, the flare up is GONE & I’m still using this regimen every day for preventative care. (Prevention is key!) 

There’s a reason why eucerin is still one of the best eczema/ dry skin lotions on the market; it works. This product in particular is targeted toward dermatitis (that fancy name for eczema) to smooth dry spots and help hydrate. I put this on after every shower, as that’s when skin tends to soak up the most. 

This is newest cream I’ve added into my routine, thanks to a recommendation from a friend of mine. You can pick it up at target and it’s probably one of the best creams I’ve ever tried. It’s a heavier formula but doesn’t leave that gooey feeling on your skin, which is a must for me. (There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve just jumped into a vat of cream) I pop this baby on twice a day in all the problem spots, following my prescription med. 

LOVE. THIS. STUFF. I’m sure you’ve heard of the magical wet lotion formula by now; you rub it on after your shower, before you’ve dried off and it just soaks right into your skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth. I use this one all over but like to pay special attention to break out areas for added care. 

The Best Eczema Products

Thanks to this little regimen I've got a pretty good thing goin!


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