Monday, April 30, 2018

Tips For Shopping Shein
SheIn Flutter Sleeve Dress

Out of all the ‘cheap’ clothing websites, I’ve found shein to be the most reliable. The website is shoppable and for the most part the clothes are a win. (like this cutie of a flutter sleeve number for less than $15) Of course there are some negatives, as with any shop, but if you know how to navigate things you can come away happy most every time. 

Check Reviews 
The first step in pretty much every online shopping experience, reviews are v important!
The only thing I don’t like about the ‘New arrivals’ tab is that most of them haven’t been out long enough to have reviews, but most other things will have a lot of customers reviewing the fit, color, etc. A lot of times they'll tell you if it fits TTS or if you need to size up or down. 

Flutter Sleeve Dress

Read Product Info
Be sure to read all of the product info, including material & fabric. The fabric tab lets you know whether or not the item is stretchy, when can be important when keeping sizing in mind. SheIn has one of the most detailed descriptions I've seen, letting you know everything from the color to the season it's meant for. 

Scroll The Style Gallery
Their gallery is taken from instagram & uploads to the website, and if a certain product has any photos they'll show up on the product page. This is helpful because you're seeing it in action & not just on a model, giving you a better feel for how it really looks on. 

SheIn Shopping Tips

Remember that not everything is going to be perfect & there might be some trial & error, but they have a good return policy so don't let it scare you. It can be intimidating because they have so much product and it's always changing, but there are so many gems to be found! (I've also found this post from Kate to be helpful in my shopping!)


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