Friday Thoughts

Friday, April 20, 2018


... That nobody asked for.

1// Blocking Kanye West on twitter so I don't have to read his narcissistic mess is oddly therapeutic. 

2// I am currently covered in my favorite accessory, dog hair. Why haven't we made this socially acceptable yet? Oh, yeah cause it's not cute. That. 

3// It never fails to astound me how many new ways of procrastinating things that need to be done I can find. Am I doing this adulting thing right? I don't think so.

4// Especially since I sprayed rose gold tint in my hair the other day and felt like an early 2000s celeb who'd just had their hair crimped. 

5// Red is a color I've been making an effort to wear more of because it's not one I wear a lot, & now I'd like to only wear red for the rest of my life, thanks. 
over & out.


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