A Moment For Embroidery (& Cherries)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Denim Jacket

The embroidery trend is one I haven't been that much into. I don't know about you, but spotting a cute jacket or pair of shorts, only to discover it's covered in rainbows or floral embroidery or whatever they might decide to throw on there really makes me wanna yell WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US??  

Cherry Embroidered Forever 21 Dress | Spring/ Summer Fashion On A Budget
Pair An Embroidered Dress With Jacket

But every once in awhile, a subtle little piece will catch my eye, like this cherry number did when I watched this haul video

BIT OF A DISCLAIMER BEFORE WE GET TOO MUCH INTO IT: Because my timing is beyond perfect, when I decide to feature this dress is when it decides to sell out. It is available in plus & when & if it's back in other sizes I will alert you. Of course I've linked a similar dress so don't get too wound up, okay? Anyway) 

I immediately typed forever 21’s site into my browser & swiped it up. (along with many other things) Everything about it screams your classic summer dress- the white, the tank straps, THE CHERRIES! It’s a v retro but modern vibe that I’ve been eating up as of late. It's also the slightest of tight in the middle and the straps are a bit long as per other reviews, (my hack? Pinning straps in the back for a halter look)  but other than that it fits v true to size, which we love, am I right ladies? 

Embroidered Dress On A Budget
Embroidered Dress And Denim Jacket | Affordable Spring Style
Cherry Linen Dress | Forever 21

Pairing it with a bit of denim adds to that vibe and is a perfect coat of layering for those late spring days when it's warm but still a tad too breezy for bare arms without shivering off five pounds. & the best part is you can ditch the jacket at any time and the outfit still stays intact. 

Okay, embroidery, I see you. I'll let you have your moment.  



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