Monday, March 5, 2018

Guide To Acrylics

I was in high school the first time I got acrylics. I had always wanted them but never took the plunge, (mostly because I didn't have a job) but one day my friend & I went to go to get a manicure and she got them. They looked so enticing that I sat myself down, let the nail tech put on the infamous french tips, and the rest was history.

I now prefer fake nails to my natural, if only because I don't have the patience to get my natural nails exactly how I want them. (I realize I could just get salon manis, but there's something about acrylics I just can't shake) It's taken a lot of time & research, but I'm happy to report I've found my groove.


Do Your Research
Look up salons in your area and read the reviews on them, and ask around for recommendations from family & friends. (or even facebook groups) The more good reviews a salon has, the better your chances of your expectations being met. I go to one salon every time & it's the only one I trust. My mom & I first picked it a few years back and it became our official pedicure spot, and it's now also my official acrylics spot. If you're near north Fort Worth, Deluxe Nails will be your new bff, trust me. (#notspon)

Find Your Match
The next step before trudging out to the salon is to have a clear image of everything you're looking for in a nail. Between gel, dip, & regular old acrylics, the options can be a bit overwhelming if you don't know the difference between it all.

+ Basically, your gel is going to be painted on & then treated under a UV light to get the hardness. The main appeal of gel is the wear- they can last around three weeks.
+ Dipping is done by applying a glue & powder to the nail, and then adding an activating solution that hardens the nails. This technique supposedly lasts even LONGER than gels- I've read they can last up to a month. A month without having to touch up your nails? Sounds promising..
+ & then you've got your plain acrylics. The process that usually comes to mind when we hear the word is done by applying a mix of powder & liquid that are shaped onto the nail. For me, the appeal is the feel and the cost, as it's normally the least expensive of the three. (what can I say, I love a deal) They normally last around two & half weeks until the nail bed starts to look less than cute.

Plain acrylics are the only ones I've ever had experience with because it's just been my preference & it works for me. So whichever technique you think will work best for you is what you should go with!

As for shape & length, that's a preference as well, although some shapes look better on people that others. For the longest time I wanted those long almond shapes, but one round was all it took to realize my hands were just too small for that. So, with trial & error, I've found that medium length square round fit my nails best, & turns out I like that shape even better than almond. (thank goodness)
Since I get the same thing every time, I tell them exactly that. However, if it's your first rodeo you can bring in a photo so there should be no room for error.

You Need A Go-To
Once you've found what you want, you should also look and see if any reviews include specific nail techs. Going in blind is a hit or miss situation, but worst case scenario is that's just what you have to do. It might take a few (or in my case, A LOT) of tries to find your favorite, but I promise you'll find them. I finally found mine recently & have been making appointments with only her ever since. Her name is Jennifer & she's lovely. Find your Jennifer that will give you exactly what you're looking for.

Like many things in life, nails tend to take some trial and error to find out what you like. But if you're willing to spend just a hair of $$ and time, you'll be an acrylic pro. (& if you need even more tips, Erica has a great post as well)


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