Monday, March 26, 2018

Forever 21 Shopping Tips

When I've just told someone I got something at forever 21, (you know the drill, someone compliments you on an item of clothing, you respond & tell them where it's from, a conversation sometimes ensues) the response I get often is that they want to shop there more but it seems intimidating. Overwhelming. So many sections, so many styles of clothes and WHERE DO I EVEN START?? Even my best friend has admitted she doesn't quite know how to shop there, & I've told her too many times I'd show her the ropes, but I have been failing miserably. So in a way, this is for her, as well as anyone else who might be feeling their head spin at the thought of trying to tackle this big guy. 

(*It should be noted that this is in no way sponsored, although with the amount of money I've given to them I should probably put some stock in or something*)

I'll admit that when I first started frequenting this store, I didn't know what in the world I was doing. I often only shopped maybe half the store, because I started feeling overwhelmed & didn't know what to do with myself. Over time, though, I started to figure out a method to the madness:

Tips For Shopping At Forever 21

Take It Section By Section 
I can't speak for every f21, as I normally frequent the one at my mall but if the rest are anything like that one, it's a pretty huge place, with a lot of different spaces that to confused eyes can seem a bit insane. 

But each space is broken up by sections: you have your menswear side (that’s so small compared to the rest of the store- on behalf of the rest of us I’m sorry guys) your activewear, plus, contemporary line, lingerie/ pajamas, your area for basics, the “trend” area, sale, (a must area to hit up) & then tiny human clothes. Then right in the middle of it all is accessories: shoes, bags, jewelry, cosmetics; pretty much everything you think you don’t need until you see it. 

So, (time allotting) shopping each section at a time is your best bet to calm the madness. When you take a little at a time it doesn’t seem like such a hefty task. Knowing the sections is also helpful if you’re looking for a specific thing, like tanks or some activewear. 

Don’t Try On Everything At Once
If your shopping methods are anything like mine, you throw anything into the cart/ bag that catches your eye, organization be damned. But a store that covers so much ground should be taken with some planning so you don’t end up with a good twenty items in the fitting room and having a semi breakdown when nothing seems to fit right. THE WORST. 

I like to travel through a couple of sections, & once I’ve got six or seven items (the fitting room limit is six anyway) I’m headed to try on. I know, I hate trying on too. I’d rather be one & done, but unless you’re only going after a couple of things, it’s better to go a little at a time. (THEME, ANYONE?) 

Search Online Beforehand
As with any store, some things will be online only, but having a browse of their newest adds will give you a sense of what’s on trend at the moment & the types of items you’ll likely see in store. If you’re searching for something in particular, I’d recommend searching it online to get a feel for the selection. 

A really cool thing is that they offer in store pickup when checking out online, so if want you want isn’t an online exclusive, you can go straight to your nearest store & pick it up. (Not every f21 offers this, however) The department store I work for does this as well & people eat it up- for good reason. We’re lazy creatures & we like easy. Not the best trait to leave for future archeologists, but it is what it is. 

Anyway, whether you want to tackle the entire store or would rather go the online route, its not as crazy a feat as you might think once you’ve gotten a groove. I think that goes for pretty much any shopping trek. Or maybe I just shop too much. I’m sorry. I’m trying. 


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