Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Best Things About Spring

The sundresses are being broken out of the back of closets, the birds are singing, the winter blues are gone. (unless you're up north, in which case, I'm so sorry) Like the new year, the start of spring makes me wanna GET ISH DONE! SPRING CLEAN! GET INSPIRED! Right now I'm on a kick of getting into better habits/ reorganizing/ cleaning/ detoxing/ etc etc that in reality will probably last a week at most, but right now I'm on a high, so let me have it for these two seconds.

While spring doesn't hold one of the top two spots of favorite season for me, (those goes to autumn & summer) it's still a runner up. (on par analogies, I know) For these reasons & these only:

1// It's Stevez walking weather

2// March is women's month & that deserves its own bullet point or ten

3// It's that tiny window of time in the south where you can put your coats away and break out the shorts but it's not yet 110 degrees on any given day, and you can actually, you know, live your life without almost passing out.

4// Florals, both real & in every pattern, please, sorry miranda priestly.

5// Cheesy as it is, the whole spring cleaning thing is real & it feels GREAT, FOLKS.

BRB, getting my life in order. Til next time.


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