Friday, March 16, 2018

Spring Haul

Each season I take it upon myself to add new items to my wardrobe, (call it an excuse to shop, I call it a necessity) and I have been on a ROLL lately. I’ve shared a few looks on here & instagram stories, and I wanted to do a complete haul as well. (I haven’t ironed any of the pieces, so that you can get a feel for how easy/ tough the fabric is to wrinkle. I've also added the link to each item in the name, for your convenience. HERE WE GO)

We might as well start with forever 21, because I don’t know what’s in their water lately but I love every bit of it. Fast fashion it is, but definitely my go-to when you need a certain item or are looking to add some trend pieces for the season.

We’ll start with the dresses I’ve discovered: (I love a good dress)

The color was the thing that drew me to this dress, as I’ve been wanting to add some more red to my wardrobe. I don’t have a lot of it & it’s a color I really love, that instantly makes me feel festive. The fit is pretty nice, (I'm a size S) with a nice little ribbon detailing in the back. It's pretty v neck-y, which I'm not used to, but sooo cute. 

I’ll be honest, I ordered this one after seeing Sarah Belle’s haul video. It was the piece that stuck out to me the most, giving me vintage/ spring/ all around cool girl vibes. A lot of the reviews I read said that the straps were a bit big, so I was prepared for that. Other than that, it fits pretty perfectly, (Size S) aside from a taaad snug in the middle. We’re working with it though; out of my comfort zone we go! I will say the linen-blend makes it the slightest of see-throughs, so come prepared. I have a feeling this will be one of my go-to dresses this spring!

One of my favorites for sure, you can’t really go wrong with floral + baby blue. I really love the fit; very true to size and flowy. (Size S) I will say the fabric wrinkles a bit easy, especially the bottom. Easily taken care of though, even though ironing is not a favorite task of.... anyone.

I feel like the embodiment of the red dress emoji in this. It was definitely a risk when I ordered it, but one I was willing to take. Jumpsuits are always a gamble for a petite, but luckily this one fits like a glove. (Size S) The bottom of the pants are the least bit long, but with heels it doesn’t drag at all. & if you’re luckier than me & made it to 5 foot, you should be perfect!

Striped Chiffon Top, $10.90
I’m always in the market for tops I can wear to work, so when I found this one in store I snatched it right up. It's a bit flowy with chiffon fabric that I love. (Size S) The blue is sold out right now, but they still have a pretty red available!

Now on to target: I’ve only picked up two things so far but I’m sure I’ll be adding to the list throughout the next couple of months..

I love a good cold shoulder top, & one with lemons on them?? Could ya be more summer? It actually reminds me of something lemon on hart of dixie would wear.. anyone else miss that show TERRIBLY? Anyway, the fit is lovely (XS) and it’s the perfect thing to throw over a pair of shorts!

Another top I found for work, this little number is a fun pattern & nice fabric. Fits true to size (S) & a cute everyday blouse to add to your wardrobe, & I highly recommend it.

Technically I did more of a fashion nova haul than just this guy, but I singled it out because it’s the one I’d be most likely to keep if forced to choose. I got a size medium & it’s a tad big in the shoulder/ neck area, but XS was way too small. So it’s a catch 22 thing on which you’d rather. Aside from the fit, it’s SUCH a cute & simple dress.

There we have it, the end of the first what I’m sure will be many more hauls to come, I’m very impressed with these purchases so far. If I had to pick, my favorite would definitely be a tossup between the jumpsuit and the cherry dress.

What about you?


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