Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Well hi, hey, is it time for a monthly roundup again? This one is going live a little earlier than usual, if that's okay with you. March pretty much didn't happen, if you ask me. One minute we're changing the clocks back & it's (finally) still daylight at 5:30 pm, the next minute we're mere days away from easter. (which is on april fools this year & you can just hear the traumatized cries of tiny humans everywhere) 

Anyway, let’s get on with the highlights of March: 

1// Catching Up On Series
The fact this is first on the list says a lot about me but I’m sorry I watch a lot of tv, what can I say? I’ve actually been watching less this month, as it’s been busy, but on my down time I’m either reading or catching up on shows. (I’m one episode away from the last vampire diaries & I’m NOT READY) 

A while back I binged Leah Rimini’s docu-series, Scientology & The Aftermath, & was hooked. Then life happened and I kind of forgot about it, but was reminded when the new season was confirmed, and I wanted to catch up. It’s INSANE the stories of these people, and it’s both fascinating and infuriating how much of an impact it’s had. 

2// Forming Better Habits
Good habits are something that are always, well, good, & there’s something about spring that gets ya feeling inspired to spring clean your whole life as well as your space. Getting up earlier & having more time in the day is something I’ve always wanted to do but just haven’t taken the proper steps for. I’ve always slept with my phone by my bed, so rolling over, turning off the alarm, & falling back asleep has been way too easy. 

But I’m trying to change that, & *knock on wood* so far I’m doing pretty well. I love being able to get up, feed stevez, have my coffee, do yoga, etc without feeling awful for having slept half the day away. 

3// New Opportunities & Inspiration
The surge of inspiration I’ve had with the blog & styling looks, and trying to make things the absolute best they can be has been one of the best things of this month, and I’m running with it. New opportunities (what would I be without a classic blogger vague post) have arisen as well, and I can’t help but think being positive has had something to do with it. (Of course, God has something to do with it, but when you think positive, good things tend to happen. The law of attraction is real!) 

 & as an added bonus, I’ve decided to start a new addition to this monthly: a roundup of my favorite posts I’ve done: 

✖️ A lot of research & planning went into this one. (Read: shopping) 

✖️ I got pretty honest & editorial in this post.

✖️ WOMEN'S DAY is always a favorite topic of mine to write about.

Til next time!


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