Friday, March 2, 2018

Fashion Nova Midi Dress
A Note On Transparency

I was going to start this post with a side note of transparency about how as much as this dress is perfectly layed in photos, it doesn't translate as well in real life. It's still a bit big in the shoulders, and the likelihood of me wearing it out in the everyday if I can't figure out a way to take that puppy of a neckline in is.... pretty slim.

And that sent my mind into a hamster wheel of thoughts: the ‘why’ of my blog, the content I want on it, and how important it is to be transparent. I think sometimes the blogosphere is devoid of that. Not that sharing the latest style/beauty picks is bad- - HELLO, that’s what this little babe was built on. But I also think we have an obligation to share more on our platforms, whether that be a more personal look behind the scenes, standing up for things we believe in, or a bit of both, instead of getting so caught up in numbers/ the Instagram algorithm/ the

Denim Dress
Denim Dress Off The Shoulder

Just like in ‘real life’, I believe you should always speak out for the important things, the beautiful things, and the rather ugly things, because that is life. It’s not the curated version of us we tirelessly put out, it’s not the ‘always on’ version of us, which is why transparency, real life, is so meaningful. Chloe, Hannah, & Chelsea all do a kickass lovely job at this, which is why they write some of my favorite blogs.

I think the key to fighting the saturated minefield blogging has sometimes become is that we must go back to the basics, when blogging was about sharing what’s on your mind, not thinking too hard about it all. Just having a sit down with your best, most fabulous (virtual) friends, and sharing it all. Sure, blogging is an industry which means we must grow with it, but the growth isn’t always for the best, if you’re asking me. (nobody did, but I’m telling ya anyway)

So this is what I strive to be for you lovely babes, my readers, because that’s how WDAC thrives. You are all my weekly coffee (& sometimes wine) dates, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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