Monday, February 12, 2018

Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

It feels like I've been growing out my hair for five years, even though it's been more like five months. In an act of desperation, a couple of months ago I did some research on what the heck could help hair growth, naturally. Obviously there's not an exact science, & there's no magical hair growth pill you can take to BAM have Rapunzel length hair overnight. Wouldn't that be the dream though?

There are a few things you can do to help speed along the process, however, one of them being massaging a few drops of tea tree oil into your hair daily. Why?

Besides it being a skin healer, (I got a horrid sunburn on my face last summer & tea tree was a lifesaver) it promotes hair health & growth. Let's break down the benefits of the oil

Why You Should Be Using Tea Tree Oil

It improves the circulation of blood, allowing to help flush out toxins and stimulates hair follicles, while nourishing the roots & scalp. When toxins are gone and the scalp is moisturized, hair is able to grow better as the pesky things that prevent growth wash away with a good oil rinse.

I've been testing out this little method for about six-eight weeks & slowly but surely, I've noticed some growth. I've definitely noticed my hair feeling stronger and thicker. (although my hair is already wildly thick so tone it down tea tree)


Anywhere from half an hour to an hour before I plan on washing my hair/ getting ready for bed, I pump a few drops (not spon, just love) directly onto my scalp, massaging it in in a circular motion. I do my thing, let it really soak in, & then rinse out. On shampoo nights, I shampoo immediately after rinsing for more stimulation. EASY.

Of course, as #1 as oil is in my routine right now, there are other musts to do in order for some growth to happen. Let's break those down:


+ Like oil, getting regular trims won't make hair grow faster, but it sure doesn't slow down the process either. Six-eight week trims should be good if you're trying to grow things out, & to save a little $$ I've recently taken it upon myself to trim my own locks.. YIKES. I just snip a bit off the ends, because that's really all it takes. (of course, if you're totally against self snipping, go see a professional BY ALL MEANS)

+ Wash your hair in lukewarm water at the warmest. The hotter the water, the harsher it is on the hair, potentially causing breakage.

+ Use the least amount of heat possible, & if you must use it, USE PROTECTION!

+ Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins! Anything with fish oil, zinc, bitoin, and vitamins B & C are your best bet!

If anything, adding tea tree oil to your regular hair care routine is a healthy, natural way to cleanse toxins, promote growth, & add a little thickness to things.


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