The Instagram Algorithm Changed And I Just Don't Care Anymore

Friday, February 2, 2018

Instagram Algorithm

If you hadn't heard, instagram changed its algorithm AGAIN recently. The blogosphere was a madhouse with panic. By now, I'm used to it since they've changed it 587373 times. Okay, I exaggerate. But it is changed quite a bit, and I've read so many articles on how to beat it and why it's changed and blah blah blah that the word 'algorithm' now gives me the same feeling as the chilling words, 'fake news.'

I realize that for many people, blogging & instagram are their livelihood, so it can be a tad scary when things change. I get it. But leave it to something as trivial as which photos a social media platform decides to show me to give me existential thoughts.

Lily Pebbles was talking on insta stories recently about how she had been making more of an effort to post what she likes, and that her engagement had never been more down, but she didn't care about the numbers, what she cared about was sharing things because she wants to, not because it's a 'high engagement post' or something that the algorithm boosts.

Honestly, I think we should be more like that, in all areas of life. Why do we care so much? Why do we do anything for other people's approval? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

The point to this post, if there is any, is that you should do things for you, and not because it's what's expected of you or it's what you think people will like. What's the fun in that, anyway?


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