Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Is Fashion Nova Worth It?

For months social media/ blogosphere has been abuzz with talks about Fashion Nova-- an online clothing site akin to asos, but OMG SO GREAT BECAUSE KYLIE JENNER! Instagram models! 

I honestly didn't know too much about it, but after hearing so much raving I decided to give it a go. 

I only ordered three things, & only one out of the three actually fit. (it didn't fit well mind you, I just made it work) Something you should KNOW if you're going to order: SIZE UP. At least one size, I would actually go with two. It's insane that sizing isn't the same all across the board, but what can ya do?

It should also be noted that it's hard to know what your body will look like in an item, because every model is so grossly photoshopped and it's just not representative.

The Ahead Of Yourself bodysuit (in small) is the only piece that fit, & I'm glad it did because bodysuits are final sale. (even though it doesn't say it on the product page) I love a good stripe & it's a really good suit.

Off Daze Midi Dress in XS was WAY TOO SMALL. Buttons were a poppin, skin was a showin,.. it was not cute, & I was so disappointed because i fell in love. I definitely want to get this in a bigger size, most likely a medium.

Total Betty Plaid Dress in S-- I could get away with this in a medium as it was just a tad too tight in all the wrong places. But again, SO CUTE, just too small.

Initially it took the order about four days to even process before it shipped out, which is cutting it close, but I let it slide because once it shipped it only took a couple of days to get to me.


I wanted to like FN because of all the good things I've heard, but I think they just got lucky. (or sponsored, it is what it is) But their return policy is less than stellar & I'm not a fan of picking things that *might* fit & then if I have to return them being stuck with store credit. 

THE CLOTHES ARE SUPER CUTE, but to me, it's not worth it. I would rather spend money on a place that I know & trust the sizing, and am friendly with the return policy.

For now, I'll leave FN to the (instagram) professionals.


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