Friday, February 23, 2018

Fashion Nova Bodysuit
Fashion Nova Bodysuit
Fashion Nova Bodysuit
Fashion Nova Bodysuit

Here's to indoor photoshoots because it's been raining like it's the apocalypse for the last three days LOL HELP

I reviewed fashion nova recently (moral of the story: buy at your own risk) & the one amazing thing to come out of the whole ordeal: this bodysuit. I love a good bodysuit. While the whole execution of getting it on/off is sometimes not in the least conducive, it wears well, with ease & minimal layering/ tucking/ any other style tricks. It’s an easy breezy piece that can be dressed up by things like denim skirts or in today’s case, culotte pants.

There’s something about culottes that scream ‘I’m here for my 9-5 but I’m gonna look fab doing it’. Bodysuits say ‘I can be anything I want.’ Paired, it’s magic.


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